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"Calcutta is Beautiful. Wherever you place a camera, you get a vision."

Pradeep Sarkar

This City Has A Beautiful Combination of Heritage and Modernity

Kolkata is the former capital of India, developed by the British East India Company and later the British Empire. This city is also famous as the artistic, cultural and intellectual capital of the country.

"You want your cities clean and green; stick to Delhi. you want your cities rich and impersonal; go to Bombay. you want them high-tech and full draught beer; Bangalore's your place. but if you want a city with soul, come to calcutta."

– Vir Sanghvi –



Explore Kolkata’s heritage and modern tourist spots.

From sweets to street foods, the city of joy has a large numbers of delicious foods.

Find out why Kolkata is called as the cultural capital of India.

Explore Kolkata from the perspective of people of this city.


Kolkata's Street Foods

Kolkata is famous for street foods. Explore the best street food here.


Best Places In Kolkata

Find out the best places you shouldn’t miss while visiting the city of joy.

A Special City Like Kolkata Has Special People

Explore why Kolkata is called as the city of joy, from the perspective of the people of Kolkata.


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