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Welcome to Hey Calcutta! We’re very grateful for your visit. We have created our website to reach people from every corner of this planet. We have a few goals, one of them is to showcase the outside world what Kolkata actually looks like. And we are sure you’ll get the flavor of the city of joy while exploring our website.

The cultural capital of India really can make your day better. This place has something that makes people fall in love in the first visit, sure you’ll come again and again. Do you know what made Kolkata different from the other cities in India? You’ll feel the excitement, the passion and the emotion in every corner. Kolkata has a different kind of diversity. They say this city never disappoints anyone.

Hey Calcutta! was founded on 27th January 2020. This blog is exclusively for those people who want to know about Kolkata or thinking about visiting here. Hey Calcutta! will help you in every way possible. Find out more about Bengali culture, foods and the history of the city.

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