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Best Street Foods In Kolkata You Shouldn’t Miss

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India is well-known for having a massive variety of street foods. Every state has its own list of mouthwatering street foods. Kolkata is no different. Besides Mumbai, Ahmedabad, and Delhi, the city of joy has countless numbers of delicious street food. In the following, we have handpicked the 10 best street foods in Kolkata that you should not miss during your visit.

We have seen how other bloggers include Kolkata’s sweets on the street food list. However, we are giving the unblended list of Kolkata’s street foods. Make sure to read our article about the best sweets in Kolkata.

Back to the topic. Let’s fuel your street food cravings.


Well, Phuchka is similar to famous Indian street food Panipuri or Golgappa. Here in Kolkata, we call it ‘Phuchka’, which has a unique taste. Phuckha is not just a food, it’s an emotion for Kolkatans. Basically, Phuckha is the most delicious version of Panipuri. You may find a Phuckha seller at every corner of Kolkata. Phuckha’s taste is perfectly balanced with stuffed potatoes, tamarind water, spices, and lime. Don’t miss out on eating Phuckhas when you are in Kolkata.



Ghugni is originally a traditional food in Eastern India. Many people love to cook Ghugni at home. However, this item is also popular as a street food in Kolkata. Dried white peas are cooked with gravy in the traditional style. Then the seller serves Ghugni with puffed rice, chopped onion, green chillis, and tamarind water. 

Kati Roll

If you are thinking of visiting Kolkata, you may know about Kati Roll. This street food one of the best items in Kolkata. The city of joy is the originator of Kati Roll and worldwide famous for preparing the best kind of Kati Roll. An ideal Kati Roll is a skewer-roasted kebab wrapped in paratha bread. However, you will find different varieties of this street food nowadays. So, do not miss tasting Kati Roll during your visit to Kolkata. Nizam’s, Kusum Roll’s and Hot Kati Rolls are the best places for Kati Rolls.


Televaja is one of the most eaten street foods in Kolkata. Usually, most of the locals prefer having televaja as an evening snack. It is quite popular during rainy days in Kolkata. Televaja has a lot of stuffing varieties including potato, onion, banana flower, chili, and more. The preparation of this street food is very simple. However, these snacks are very oily.


Well, if you don’t like oily foods, then Momo could be the perfect street food in Kolkata. Momo has become one of the superstar street foods in Kolkata. Originated from the Tibet region, this streamed dumpling item tastes beyond amazing. You will find many Momo sellers on the street of Kolkata. These dumplings have a variety of stuffing including vegetables, chicken, pork, and fish. Sellers serve Momo with chutney and soup in Kolkata.


Jhalmuri is a highly popular street food among locals. This snack has a spicy and tangy flavor that can steal your heart. Jhalmuri is made of puffed rice and mixed with various ingredients including chopped onion, chili, and coriander leaves. However, the tangy flavor comes from pickles and tamarind. Vendors serve Jhalmuri on little paper pouches.


Famous Indian snack Samosa is popular as Shingara in Kolkata. Well, if you have eaten this snack before in other cities, give Kolkata’s Shingara a try. This triangle-shaped is the best companion of tea. Shingara is mainly prepared with different spices, peanuts, and smashed potatoes. However, you may find varieties of Shingara nowadays. You can get this snack in the sweet shops of Kolkata during the evening.


Kachori is especially popular as a breakfast snack in Kolkata. If you are visiting this city, you cannot miss this delicious street food. However, stuffed Kachori is also famous in Kolkata. That stuffed Kachori is popular as ‘Khasta Kachori’ here and is available during the evening. The preparation is made with different spices and mashed potatoes. This simple snack of Kolkata has an exceptional taste. Don’t forget to try it during your visit.

Fish Cutlet

You may know about Bengalis’ obsession with fish. So, fish cutlet is a significant mention on the list of Kolkata’s best street foods. Fish cutlet is a popular street food which is made with chopped fishes, spices, and vegetables. You can easily find a stall that sells fish cutlets in Kolkata. However, the magical taste of this snack can give you a heavenly feel. So, fish cutlet is a must-try item.

These are our handpicked best street foods in Kolkata. However, you can try some other delicious street foods like Chowmein, Egg Devil, Aloo Kabli, and Mughlai Paratha. You will love them. If you want to know about the best Bengali restaurants in Kolkata, read our article.

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