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7 Best Sweets You Must Try Whenever You’re In Kolkata

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As we mentioned for the millionth time that Kolkata is the confectionary hub of India. We have suggested to you where you can find the best sweets, but you’re probably more than confused about what sweet to choose. Today we are picking 7 best sweets you must try whenever you’re in Kolkata. So let’s make your upcoming Kolkata journey sweeter.

1. Rossogolla

This one without any doubt is the star of Bengal. You know how our dear neighbor Odisha tried to pick a fight about the origin of Rossogolla. But let’s be honest, which place you think of whenever Rossogolla comes to your mind? Well, it’s good news that both West Bengal and Odisha got the Geographical Indication tag for their own version of Rossogolla finally.

When we’re talking about Kolkata’s Rossogolla, total credit goes to this highly enthusiastic and passionate man who didn’t give up to invent something new. And it was when the whole city used to know Sondesh as the only sweetmeat. Yes, we are talking about the father of Rossogolla, Nobin Chandra Das. He started as a sweet shop worker at Bagbazar in his early 20’s.

After having his own shop, he finally invented Bengali’s most favorite sweet. Slowly, it’d stole millions of hearts and became an icon of Kolkata.

Where you can find the best Rossogolla?

KC DAS – Undoubtedly the best place to get the real flavor of Rossogolla. They have different types of Rossogolla. We highly recommend you to try Nolen Gurer Rossogolla, Rajvog, Strawberry Rossogolla, and Keshar Rossogolla. They’re famous for selling canned Rossogolla, so don’t forget to get some for your family.

Nobin Chandra Das – The inventor’s place yeah. Never ever forget about this shop, where Rossogolla was born. This shop can give you a nostalgic feeling with their best Rossogolla.

Putiram – Look if you somehow end up having Putiram’s famous Kochuri and Cholar Dal, do not ever forget to have their Rossogolla. They make really yummy Rossogolla.

2. Ledikeni

This is such a special sweet in Bengal. Even having some similarities with Gulab Jamun, Ledikeni is much softer and tastier that can steal your heart. What makes Ledikeni more special is the story behind its invention. Bhim Chandra Nag created such an amazing juicy sweet for the wife of Lord Canning.

The sweet was presented to Lady Canning on her birthday when she started living in Kolkata. Quickly it became her favorite sweet, and then it started getting the recognization throughout Kolkata.

Where You can Find the best Ledikeni?

Like Rossogolla, it is also available at every confectionary shop. But you should definitely try Bhim Chandra Nag’s Ledikeni. Make sure to clarify if it is Ledikeni or Gulab Jamun before buying, cause most of the shops sell Gulab Jamun too.

3. Misthi Doi

Mishti Doi is another wonder sweet that you should must-try during your visit to Kolkata. Well, Misti Doi is nothing but a fermented sweet yogurt. Wait, you’re probably wondering how this Misti Doi tastes like? Then, you definitely have to try it.

Kolkata’s Misti Doi is loved by the rest of the Indians too. This doi was originated from Bangladesh’s Bogra district. And now it’s quite popular in Bengali speaking states like West Bengal, Tripura and some parts of Assam.

Where you can Find the Best Misti Doi?

The best place to get Misti Doi in Kolkata is Amrita. They have a good reputation for making delicious Misti Doi. Though, like normal yogurt, sweet yogurt is available in every sweet shop. Balaram’s have their special collection of Mango Doi and Baked Doi.

4. Rossomalai

Woah, Rossomalai! What an invention by Krishna Chandra Das. Rossomalai might be the hidden gem of Bengali sweets, overshadowed by Rossogolla and Sondesh. But this dessert has its own charm. KC Das invented this sweet with an enthusiastic mind.

This rich dessert is not only popular in Kolkata, but it is also a well-known dessert in the rest of India. Hence, it’s even popular in Bangladesh and Pakistan.

Where you can find the best Rossomalai?

Honestly, Rossomalai is available in most of the shops. But the best place to have Rossomalai is definitely KC Das. Must try their version.

5. Jol Bhora Sondesh

Kolkata is the birthplace of various Sondesh. This sweet is the oldest one in Bengali culture. You can find more than a hundred types of Sondesh in this city. Jol Bhora is one of the remarkable ones from them.

Well, what ‘Jol Bhora’ actually means? In Bengali ‘Jol’ means water, ‘Jol Bhora’ is something which is stuffed with water. Though the concept is true, in reality, they put ‘Gur’ (jaggery) instead of ‘Jol’. It could be your most favorite sweet experience in this city.

Where you can find the best Jol Bhora Sondesh?

Girish Chandra Dey & Nakur Chandra Nandi makes the best Jol Bhora Sondesh since they’re one of the pioneers of Bengali Sondesh. Other places like Nalin Chandra Das & Sons or Balaram Mullick & Radhraman Mullick sell mouthwatering Jol Bhora Sondesh too.

6. Chocolate Sondesh

We’re sure that you have eaten a lot of things which were made of chocolate before. But why not give it a try when it comes to Chocolate Sondesh? From the old era to new, Kolkata’s sweet shops have been inventing new things. This sweetmeat is one of our must-try items.

Where you can find the best Chocolate Sondesh?

Nalin Chandra Das & Sons are the inventors of Chocolate Sondesh. They have various items of chocolate sondesh. Girish Chandra Dey & Nakur Chandra Nandi are quite popular for chocolate sondesh.

7. Baked Rossogolla

Last but not least, Baked Rossogolla. You’ll never know the beauty of Baked Rossogolla if you’re not having it. Even we can assure you that your journey would never be completed without this one. Baked Rossogolla is definitely Rossogolla, but it tastes like you’re in sweet heaven.

Where you can find the best Baked Rossogolla?

You probably can’t find Baked Rossogolla everywhere. We doubt no other place can make Baked Rossogolla as good as Balaram Mullick & Radharaman Mullick. Believe us, it’s a must-try sweet.

For more details about best confectionery shops in Kolkata, read our article 8 Heritage Sweet Shops You must Visit In Kolkata.

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